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This is a comprehensive list of all the types of products we carry. It is constantly expanding and improving with new innovations in the automotive industry. Some of the types of products we carry are moldings, striping tape, wheel covers, Bumper and trim dressings and restorers, all purpose cleaners, hand cleaners, soaps, degreasers, glass cleaners and specialty cleaners. We also have a full line of detailing supplies which include applicator pads, bottles and sprayers, buffing pads, car wash mitts and brushes, detailing brushes, foam cannons, microfiber and terry towels, and polishing machines. We have everything you need to sell a car or boat. We carry all the paperwork needed as well as any sales aid you can think of. We even have license plate frames and screws. We also have everything to clean all the parts of a car. Wether the interior is carpet, vinyl, or leather we have products to clean it all. 

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