Black Chemical Protective Glove Set

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The black chemical protective gloves are to be worn in the event chemical protection is required. When wearing these gloves with a chemical protective clothing outfit, wear over the liner shirt sleeve and under outer shirt or coat, or when wearing with a chemical protective suit, wear under the sleeve of the coat. In the event your chemical protective gloves become contaminated, do not under any circumstances wear leather gloves over them and periodically inspect gloves for holes, rips or punctures. If found discard immediately and use a serviceable pair. To maintain comfort and assist in the absorption of moisture, wear cotton gloves under chemical protective gloves.

Should gloves become contaminated with gasoline, oil, grease or cleaning fluids, wipe-off and air dry within two minutes. If gloves cannot be wiped off and air dried within the allotted time frame they should be replaced at the earliest time possible.