Iron Blaster Fallout Remover


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Blast away stubborn contaminants with ease!
Malco Iron Blaster is designed to remove stubborn contaminants from vehicle paint. This neutral pH formula breaks down rail dust, industrial fallout and stuck on iron deposits. Iron Blaster was developed to dissolve even the toughest contaminants while restoring paint to a bright finish.
Simply spray on any contaminated area, let it dwell for 3-4 minutes and hose off, preferably with a pressure washer. Iron Blaster is designed to turn purple as it breaks down the iron deposits, so you know it's working. Only in rare instances will a second application or agitation be required. This is the easy and fast way to prep the vehicle for a final wash and/or a paint correction. Iron Blaster is safe to use on ceramic coatings and also brightens the paint before a ceramic coating or wax is applied.