Rupes Extra Cut Compound 32oz

Rupes Polishing Systems

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Expected release date is Nov 15th 2023

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  • Rapidly removes severe defects and sanding marks.
  • Quickly removes oxidation on aged gel coats.
  • Engineered for superior performance on gel coat and other high- solid industrial finishes, countertops, aviation, and hard paint.
  • Superior finish compared to other coarse compounds.
  • Suitable with all movements (Rotary, Gear Driven, Random Orbital


New Technology

  • Faster defect removal.
  • improved finish and optimized clarity.
  • superior performance on different solid surfaces. 
  • White color to avoid contamination on white surfaces.
  • Better formulation for an easy wipe off.
  • Better customer experience
  • New fragrance and no solvent smell