Scotch-Brite Ultra Fine Scuff Sponge

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  • High performance sponge that works effectively with water or solvents to produce a clean finish
  • Tightly graded abrasive particles deliver consistent, uniform scratches throughout life of the sponge
  • Open web is buoyant and flexible enough to get into hard-to-sand places
  • Open web permits debris to escape, so sponge does not get worn down quickly and lasts longer
  • Ideal for everyday uses like prepping surfaces for color coat, general scuffing and cleaning

Scotch-Brite Ultra Fine Scuff Sponge is a great hand-held cleaning agent designed to help with intermediate scuffing applications. Under a microscope, an ultra-fine grade reveals tiny, small, densely-packed mineral that counters the more aggressive cut of a denser grade abrasive. The fine grade produces a finer finish that will not compromise the geometry of the part by gouging or marring it.


An Alternative to Steel Wool
Unlike fine steel wool, Scotch-Brite Ultra Fine Scuff Sponge will not rust after use or leave fine metal splinters. The durable open-web construction is load resistant, offers long life and consistent abrasive action for cleaning and scuffing with no need to adjust, turnover or continue the same project with a new sponge. The sponge gets into corners and works detailed surfaces without altering the dimensions of the base material. Designed to run cleaner and longer than steel wool, this versatile sponge is a useful item for any workshop. It can help reduce surface prep time on a variety of applications including paint and primer preparation on airplanes, cars, trucks and other motor vehicles, scuff sanding of sealer coatings on cabinetry and furniture, refine finishes on stainless steel appliances, food processing, pharmaceutical and surgical equipment.

Designed for Comfort
Our Scotch-Brite Ultra Fine Scuff Sponge was designed with comfort and conformability in mind. The contours in the center of the sponge may help operators achieve a firmer grip, so they might apply more uniform pressure to the substrate. It comes in white, grey and maroon colors to indicate the sponge's grade. The sponge's material works great with water or other solvents.